State Parks

Kentucky State Parks Columbus-Belmount State Park Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park KenLake Sate Resort Park Mineral Mound State Park Lake Barkley State Resort Park Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park Jefferson Davis State Historic Site Lake Malone State Park John James Audubon State Park Rough River Dam State Resort Park My Old Kentucky Home Lincoln Homestead State Park Taylorsville Lake State Park E.P. General Butler State Resort Park Big Bone Lick State Park Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site White Hall State Historic Site William Whitley State Historic Site Constitution Square State Historic Site Old Fort Harrod State Park Waveland State Historic Site Boone Station State Historic Site Kincaid Lake State Park Fort Boonesborough State Park Natural Bridge State Resort Park Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park Nolin Lake State Park Barren River Lake State Resort Park Old Mulkey Meeting House State Historic Site Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park Green River Lake State Park Lake Cumberland State Resort Park General Burnside State Park Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park Dr. Thomas Walker State Historic Site Pine Mountain State Resort Park Kingdom Come State Park Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail Carr Creek State Park Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park Carter Caves State Resort Park Greenbo Lake State Resort Park Grayson Lake State Park Yatesville Lake State Park Paintsville Lake State Park Jenny Wiley State Resort Park Fishtrap Lake State Park

Coming Soon - Kentucky State Parks Geocaching Challenge!!!!!

Each of Kentucky’s State Parks will have a special geocache with a collector's card inside that is unique to that state park.  In addition to the cards, each park will have a small supply of "wild cards" that will be set out in caches throughout the year.  You never know if you might be the lucky person to find a "wild card."  The game also features a fun award system that rewards you with a prize once you have collected cards from 5, 10, 20, and all park locations.  There will also be a special prize for the first person to claim 5, 10, and 20 parks; limited to one person for each level

In order to get started, simply log onto to get more information and sign up for a free account so you can log your finds once you have started.  You will be able to claim your prizes, starting with your 5th KSP Adventure cache.   Simply select the park you want to visit, download the coordinates to your GPS, and print out any hints or instructions that may help you locate the caches.  If you do not own a GPS unit they can be rented at all Kentucky State Parks for a small charge.  Park offices and visitor centers are open on a limited basis so be sure to call ahead if you are planning to rent a GPS.

While the Kentucky State Parks are supportive of the sport of geocaching, remember to be courteous, respectful, and safe while hunting for your next find. Stay on trails whenever possible, respect wildlife, and do your best to Leave No Trace. For all of the cache hiders out there, only place caches that have been approved by park staff. This helps us to protect delicate resources and alerts staff to an increase of traffic in new areas.

Visit any one of Kentucky's State Parks.

State Resort Parks State Historic Parks State Recreation Parks
Barren River Boone Station Big Bone Lick
Blue Licks Battlefield Constitution Square Carr Creek
Buckhorn Lake Dr. Thomas Walker Columbus-Belmont
Carter Caves Jefferson Davis E. P. Tom Sawyer
Cumberland Falls Old Mulkey Meeting House Fishtrap Lake
Dale Hollow Lake Perryville Battlefield Fort Boonesborough
General Butler Waveland General Burnside
Greenbo Lake White Hall Grayson Lake
Jenny Wiley Wickliffe Mounds Green River Lake
Kenlake William Whitley John James Audubon
Kentucky Dam Village Kincaid Lake
Lake Barkley Kingdom Come
Lake Cumberland Lake Malone
Natural Bridge Levi Jackson Wilderness Road
Pennyrile Forest Lincoln Homestead
Pine Mountain Mineral Mound
Rough River Dam My Old Kentucky Home
Nolin Lake
Interstate Park Old Fort Harrod
Breaks Interstate Paintsville Lake
Pine Mountain Scenic Trail
Taylorsville Lake
Yatesville Lake

Benham School House Inn and Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is no longer managed by the Kentucky Dept of Parks. Effective 10/01/2008 , Harlan County Circuit Court assumed management responsibilities of facility. Click here to view their new web location.

Items to Bring Along

Geocaching is a great way to enjoy your state parks. As with any outdoor activity, it helps to have some special items to make your adventure more enjoyable and safe. We suggest the following items when geocaching:

  • GPS unit (of course!)
  • Kentucky State Parks Challenge Brochure (coming soon!)
  • Map of the area where you are geocaching
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Pen or pencil (sometimes pens and pencils disappear from the caches)
  • Sunblock
  • Insect repellant
  • Walking stick (some caches are placed in areas such as under logs or in crevices where it would be prudent to test with a walking stick first rather than your hand)
  • Rain gear
  • Small backpack to keep everything together
  • Good walking or hiking footwear

Most Importantly, Have a Great Time Exploring Kentucky State Parks!